A Special Message From Pittsburgh on Health Care Reform


Across the country, a small group of radical right-wingers are engaging in an all-out effort to stop real health care reform. There is little doubt that this increased level of coordinated activity is because we are closer to reform than we have been in more than 50 years.


While we are getting closer to real reform, we can’t let up yet. We need to keep fighting to ensure that our voices are heard over the unruly mobs. More than 75 percent of America’s workers support President Obama’s plan for real health care reform, and we cannot allow a small band of angry zealots to stand in our way.


Currently, fringe right-wing opponents of health care reform are focused on disrupting congressional town hall meetings. Soon, we’ll be letting you know about town hall meetings near you so you can attend and stand for the truth. Visit the special section of our Web site, www.usw.org/healthcare, to download talking points, facts and other materials helpful in the important health care debate. You can also get information from the AFL-CIO by clicking here.


In the meantime, we need you to call your U.S. representative’s district office today and remind him or her to support real health care reform this year.


Call your representative toll free: 1-877-702-0976

The progress Congress has made so far toward reform has come thanks in part to the more than 50,000 phone calls made recently by activists like you. As of today, four congressional committees have approved health care reform bills with a quality public health insurance option, a requirement for employers to pay their fair share and no taxation of workers’ existing health care benefits.


This is a remarkable achievement and the furthest we’ve come in 50 years toward providing affordable, secure and stable health care for all. We still have a ways to go, and while the media loves to highlight all the bumps in the road, it’s important to remember two things: We have yet to lose a significant vote in Congress this year on health reform, and the president, his staff and leaders in Congress are all committed to enacting health care reform this year.
Call your representative toll free: 1-877-702-0976

If you have a chance to speak with your member of Congress or a staff member, here is a question and a few talking points you might find helpful. But personal stories are often the most powerful way to communicate the need for reform, so feel free to tell your own story.


  • Will you side with health insurers and vote for legislation that continues their control over health care, or vote for reform that puts patients and their doctors in charge of their health care?
  • I want real health care reform with:
    • A quality public health insurance option.
    • A requirement for employers to pay their fair share.
    • No taxation of workers’ existing health care benefits.




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