Cytec 2009- 2012 Election Results

Members of Cytec Group,


We have met with the potential buyers and an agreement has been signed between USW Local 13-447 Cytec Group and the potential buyers that assures that the buyer will assume  the collective bargaining agreement until itís expiration on June 23, 2012. We have agreed to bargain in good faith to achieve a benefits package that in the aggregate is substantially equivalent in economic value to the benefits currently enjoyed by the Bargaining Unit employees. The initial meetings and the subsequent negotiations were positive and upbeat and will hopefully remain so as we move through the process of bringing the best benefits package we can back to the membership for its approval. We will keep you updated as much as possible.  It is important in this critical time to stay together and to keep our minds on whatever task we are performing at work and home so that we stay accident and injury free.


Thanks for your support and solidarity,


Brent Petit

Cytec Group Chairman

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